If once you have slept on an island, you'll
never be quite the same.         

                                       -Rachel Field 



2018 Events

tileMay 2018

May 1-31: Archaeological Work on Yukon Island.
May 17 & 18: Soldotna School Kids, Low Tide Exploration. (Day groups).

June 2018

June 1-3: OLÉ! Course: Science & Nature Writing with Nancy Lord (www.OLEAnchorage.org)
June 8-12: Gretchen at conference.
June 12: Women Professors in Adult Education, Symposium at UAA, Anchorage
June 12-16: Women Professors in Adult Education Retreat.
June 21-25: Feldenkrais Retreat with Gail French (gailpfrench@gmail.com)

July 2018

July 5-8: Abbott Family Annual 4th of July Celebration
July 13-15: Julia O’Malley’s Writing Retreat
July 20-22: Alaska Humanities Forum Workshop
July 27-29: OLÉ! Course: Volcanic Ash in Your Backyard w/ K. Wallace & K. Milliken, volcanologists (www.OLEAnchorage.org).

August 2018

August 3-5: Sweet Greenz Retreat (sweetgreenz.com)
August 7-9: LEWK Cancer Survivors Retreat
August 11-13: St. Mary’s Teen Retreat
August 18: Gretchen involved in a wedding
August 24-26: Good Friends Book Club

Past Activities
Every retreat is different because each group and each goal is different.  Yukon Island is a perfect place for team building, learning from a workshop or class, gathering for a retreat, slowing down, exploring nature, taking beach or low tide walks, going on an archaeology tour, or learning about geology. 

Here are some examples of groups we have hosted:

Summers 2008-2017:
* OLE! (Opportunities for Lifelong Education) courses-- Movies & Ocean Science, Mushrooms & Birds, Geology & Botany, Yukon Island Archaeology, Low-tide Marine Biology, EthnobotanyArchaeology & Poetry.
* St. Mary's Episcopal Church Teen Annual Retreat
* Feldenkrais
* Family Reunions and Weddings
* North American Women Professors of Adult Education Retreat
* University Faculty & Staff Workshop
* Project GRAD, Fireweed Academy 3rd-5th graders; Winterberry School 7th & 8th graders
* Wellness and Cancer Survivor Retreats
* Quilting groups and book clubs
* Writing workshops
* Planning retreats

Summers 2003-8 Graduate adult education courses:

* Dr. Leona English, St. Xavier University: Women, Knowing & Authenticity:  Exploring the Contradictions.
* Dr. Carolyn Clark, Texas A & M and Dr. Marsha Rossiter, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh. Exploring Narrative Learning  
* Dr. Tom Heaney, National Louis University. Learning for a Change
* Dr. Lisa Baumgartner, Northern Illinois University. Exploring Adult Development & Learning
* Dr. Raymond Wlodkowski, Regis University. Enhancing Adult Motivation: A Multicultural and Neuroscientific Understanding for
Teaching Adults
* Dr. Maria Cseh, George Washington University.  Multicultural Human Resource Development   
* Dr. John Dirkx, Michigan State University.  Towards an Ethic of the Inner Voice
* Dr. Kathleen King, Fordham University.  Distance Learning: Issues and Trends for Adult Learning
* Dr. Vivian Mott, East Carolina University.  Creativity, Intuition & Wisdom
* Dr. Juanita Johnson-Bailey, University of Georgia.  Exploring Narrative as a Methodology
* Dr. Jack Mezirow, Emeritus, Columbia University. Learning as Transformation.
* Drs. Elizbeth Tisdell & Ed Taylor, Penn State, Spiritual & Cultural Dimensions of Transformative Education.

Sample of Other Retreats/Courses:
* Outings focused on plant or marine biology, including the Alaska Plant Society, Center for Coastal Studies, Kachemak Bay, Heritage Land Trust, Etc.
* Women Professors of Adult Education Retreats (1999, 2003, 2008, 2014)
* Teacher training courses on science, ecology, geology, and archaeology
* Antioch New Hampshire ecology courses; Archaeology summer field schools
* Chugach Gem and Mineral Society; Geology/Kayaking courses
* Sisters in Crime (women mystery writers) retreat
* Book Club Retreats; Business Retreats; Family reunions
* Wilderness Medicine Retreat paramedic training
* ASSET Train the Trainers (Building resilience in young children)
* Tai Chi/Qi Gong retreats; Women Wellness retreats

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