If once you have slept on an island, you'll
never be quite the same.         

                                       -Rachel Field 


Other Amenities

Banya (Sauna)
While there are no regular shower facilities on Yukon Island, there is a wood-fired sauna as a lovely way to both relax and bathe. A charming new sauna replaced the old one and was completed in summer 2012. It can accommodate three to five people at a time.



outhouseModern Outhouses
Modern outhouses accommodate visitors at each location.  The two- room outhouse on the bluff overlooking the bay is just off the Dream house deck and has picture window views, stained glass and art. 




firepit Fire Pit Gathering Place
This circular area not far from the beach is a great place for gathering for meeting, barbecues and meals, or just toasting marshmallows around the campfire.




Beach Walks
People arrive on the beach and are drawn to taking walks.  Kachemak Bay tides are dramatic; the biggest differences between high and low tides coincide with the full moon each month.  Summer extremes range from as high as +20 or +21 feet to a low of –3 to –5 feet.  At very low tides, it is fun to discover the myrid of sea stars, urchins, anemone, crabs, clams and mussels, and many other critters.



There are a few trails through the woods which connect the Abbott brother’s and sisters’ houses.  Summer vegetation is thick and tall, but walking along on the trails, one can discover wild flowers, giant devils club, salmonberries, and dozens of other plants and trees.

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